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Holistic health?

December 7, 2022 in General

I have been using holistic health through my entire cancer process. Everything from massage to cupping to vitamins and minerals. What have you tried and what were the benefits?

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  • LilmesicanExpert
    Care Partner

    Before treatment, I was already practicing Reiki and meditation and understood the value. I had friends that also practiced and I asked them to record 5-minute guided meditations.

    There was 5 total and I would play a different one each day of the week. I knew exactly where to start playing them on the drive. While my boyfriend drove I would listen to meditation.

    I truly believe that listening to their voices, the love and care that went into them, and the healing space that they created for me helped in my recovery.

    It also bonded me to them. We are long time friends!

    December 30, 2022
  • I have been adding in holistic medicine during treatment. It actually helped me with progress with my chemo treatments. I started adding in supplements to support my body’s needs and started taking different avenues of exercise to help my body. This was the continuation of yoga, breath work, and other avenues of getting more opinions from other practitioners on how to improve my wellness and wellbeing.

    May 12, 2023
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