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What have you done to prepare yourself in your transition to different holistic health approaches?

Updated May 3, 2023 in General

After seven cycles of non-stop chemotherapy and many failed attempts of bone marrow transplants I started learning, researching, and finding that there were so many other treatments and options available to me that my doctors had not mentioned that could potentially help with pain management and inflammation in my spine.

Something as “small” as taking out gluten, dairy, and other products that I had been consuming before and during (some) of my treatments had made a major breakthrough on my physical condition (including being able to walk again). One of the major challenges I have noticed in our healthcare system is that more often than not, so MANY cancer patients are not getting enough support, options, or guidance to help them cope with their illness.

This is one of the many reasons why I had to start taking charge of my own care because when you’re given a diagnosis, it’s up to the patient to figure out how to navigate this extremely difficult path to wellness

Has anyone else made changes to their own diet and noticed any difference in their overall treatments? Were you given suggestions on how to best improve your wellness path?

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  • cpramirCare Partner

    FightingRARE_1472, it takes so much courage, determination, and willingness to try something new. I find your discussion incredibly supportive and clear! The holistic approaches are still seen by many as wishful thinking and magic, which of course holistic medicine is not. This is just the establishment of western medicine trying to maintain the business of healthcare. Thank you for sharing this ray of hope and shining your beautiful light on this important topic FightingRARE_1472.

    May 18, 2023
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