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Has anyone else married into someone in healthcare and see a change in their behavior?

May 8, 2023 in Ask Me Anything

This week is nursing appreciation week. I also happen to be married to one. They go above and beyond for their patients because they see and had seen how terribly I was treated before my leading up to my cancer diagnosis. During this entire process not only has my partner dedicated their entire career to nursing, they have become one of the most vocal nurses in the current hospital they work at in patient advocacy. They specialize in patient education, and started a program called: Learning the Language in of the World in Medicine from a Patient Perspective’s. It has been beautiful to see. However, I do question if it not had been my loss of the ability to walk for a year and a cancer diagnosis to know that if she’d get into advocacy work.

Don’t get me wrong, my partner has always been passionate, understanding, caring, supportive, and dedicated to their job with all the care in them for every single patient! I am just curious if someone else got married to (or in a relationship with) someone who is in the career of medicine. In terms of you the patient (patients point of view) see your person starting to also start a change for the better in patient advocacy? I often wonder if I didn’t get sick, would they, or doctors know what to do to help make things less traumatic for the patients.

So many thoughts about this brewing over the last year. Loved to chat with any who is curious to see how things change after a diagnosis! In any perspective.

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