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Treatment induced menopause

June 16, 2023 in Ask Me Anything

Did you experience early menopause as a result of your cancer treatment? If so, did it reverse after some time out of active treatment or was it permanent? What was your experience like?

I’ve been out of treatment for a year now and began experiencing symptoms during chemotherapy. After finishing treatment, the symptoms persisted. I finally had the menopause confirmed via blood tests and got approved for hormone replacement therapy 5 months later. While I’m so grateful to have it now, I’m angry it took me so long to get taken seriously, and I see a lot of room for improvement surrounding patient education.

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  • samanthadeanExpert

    I've entered peri menopause as a result of treatment. I've been out of treatment for two and a half years and still have issues. This is a huge problem for [young] women diagnosed with cancer.

    September 19, 2023
  • KarinPatient

    I hear this all the time from friends w breast cancer - they enter menopause to prevent further relapses - hard for the body and for the psyche…

    October 28, 2023
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