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Care Partners

January 18, 2024 in General

Care partners - what practices or habits do you have to take care of yourself? Are there any complicated emotions that arise in prioritizing your self?

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  • lescp3Care Partner

    YES. I find it virtually impossible to raise my hand and share any exhaustion or stress I am feeling in front of my partner (my "patient")... our doctor used to be kind enough to also ask how I was doing. I think the only time I truly shared that was when partner/patient happened to be out of the room....

    Does this suggest we need a separate/private support network?

    January 31, 2024
  • CamilleOther

    I feel like that’s very common amongst caretakers; this sense of guilt or overwhelm in the process. Many people I’ve talked to in the past even feel some shame around needing to take space or trying to carve out self care practices. While I do think support groups and spaces have grown for caretakers, I think a broader support network is still a necessity.

    February 1, 2024
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